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The American Game - features interviews and photographs of ballparks, players and the entire Minor League experience.  Click this link to purchase.

Pictures from the book:

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Arrowhead Credit Union Stadium
San Bernardino, CA

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Thomas Dodd Stadium
Norwich, CT

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Yogi Berra Stadium
Little Falls, NJ


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Autographs - Brooklyn, NY


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Mascot - Allentown, PA


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Skychiefs Fan - Syracuse, NY


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Bullpen - Camden, NJ


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Campbell's Field - Camden, NJ


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Eyeball Race - Lakewood, NJ

Comments about the book - The American Game:

"When I think back to my childhood, the images always center on Minor League Baseball.  Some of my longest lasting memories and friendships began in the Minors."
  -- Cal Ripken, Principal Owner, Aberdeen Ironbirds; former Major League player

"With 'The American Game,' Ira Rosen has whipped up the perfect antidote to cure cases of major league cynicism: a tour of minor league baseball in all of its quirky, homespun glory.  Expertly captured here, the voices, colors, sounds and smells of the ballparks leave a soothing reminder:  this is why we love baseball."
  -- Tom Verducci, Senior Baseball Writer, Sports Illustrated

"One of the truest slices of Americana are summer days and nights at ballyards and parks across the country, and Ira Rosen has captured the ambiance, spirit and beauty of it all in 'The American Game.'  In these pages, you'll hear the crack of the bat and smell the popcorn."
  -- Adrian Wojnarowski, author of "The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball's Most Improbable Dynasty."

"Thanks to Ira Rosen's wonderful book 'The American Game,' I can relive all the joy, all the enthusiasm, all the exhilaration I felt in my 12 years as 'voice' of the New Jersey Cardinals."
  -- Phil Pepe, broadcaster; author of the "Few and Chosen" series, and dozens of other baseball books.

blue skies green fields book cover

blue skies green fields - Ira Rosen's illustrated coffee-table book published by Potter/Random House features interior and exterior photographs of 50 past and present Major League baseball stadiums as well as dozens of player photos; and over 300 interviews with current and former players, managers, broadcasters and authors.  Click here to purchase.

"Baseball separates itself from other sports. Fans go to a game to see the venue, to see the stadium, as opposed to, sometimes, to see the game. It's a place where you can have a conversation with your son or daughter, and you can spend the time well." -- Buck Showalter

Baseball, more than any other sport, is about experiencing the ballpark as much as the ballgame. What baseball fan can forget their first glimpse of a big-league stadium, that first trip up the ramp and through the tunnel, emerging dazzled by the vast expanse of blue skies and perfectly manicured green fields.

blue skies green fields is about recapturing that experience, regardless which stadium was your first. There's a chapter on all thirty current stadiums, plus twenty obsolete ballparks including the beloved Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds, Old Comiskey Park and Connie Mack Stadium; as well as the unlamented Cleveland's Municipal Stadium and Kingdome. Each stadium is represented by striking color photographs, fascinating narrative on the history and attributes of the ballpark, and authoritative facts and figures including opening dates, field dimensions, seating capacities and largest crowds.

And since blue skies green fields is about the stadium experience as much as about the ballpark itself, each chapter features unique responses to the question, "What was it like the first time you saw a Major League baseball stadium?" There are over three hundred such comments here, for every stadium, from everybody who's anybody in baseball: icons of the game such as Tom Seaver, Reggie Jackson, Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra; future Hall of Famers Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken and Mark McGwire; broadcasters from Jack Buck to Joe Buck, Harry Kalas to Todd Kalas, Bob Costas and Tim McCarver; managers like Tommy Lasorda and Sparky Anderson; and diverse personalities such as George Carlin, Jesse Ventura and George Will. These quotes include eloquent narratives as well as utterly honest, impromptu memories. blue skies green fields is the most evocative baseball stadium book published to date.

Cal Ripken with the author.

Nomar Garciaparra - "First time, I was a young kid: Dodger Stadium, out in Chavez Ravine, out there in Los Angeles. You're in awe how big it was, you see all the fans and then you just kinda wish maybe you can be in there. It was such a surreal feeling, you're in this big, huge stadium with all these people coming to watch these guys play."

Greg Maddux - ". . . like the first time you go to Disneyland. Riverfront. Someone hit a home run and George Foster jumped over the wall. He didn't catch it, but he jumped over the wall.

Charles Nagy - "I think my first recollection is just coming here to Yankee Stadium. I had heard a lot about it from my dad and how it had changed throughout the years and they had redone it. But, they had just refurbished it. You hear all the stories of the Yankees, they had the great teams and the dynasties and it was just an unbelievable feeling. You just get chills."

Dave Parker - "I was ecstatic, I mean, I'm in the Major Leagues, I could have been in a cow pasture, it wouldn't have made any difference. But coming to the Major Leagues for the very first time is definitely exciting. San Diego. July 11, 1973."

Garry Shandling (Actor) - "I was at Dodger Stadium last year and I was confused because I don't know why a stadium that cost so much money, they can't spend enough money to have the grass go all the way to the wall!"

Bobby Valentine - "Going to Yankee Stadium when I was a youngster, I remember the enormity of it. I had upper deck seats and everyone was really a long way away. But it was awesome, and it was awe-inspiring also."

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